Thursday, February 21, 2008

View Edit

View Edit is yet another simple text editor that uses GtkSourceView2.

[ Feature ]
  • Basic Project support ( but doesn't use autotools/autoconf yet )
  • Basic configuration for ( Java, Vala )
The project support features only organizes your source/files it doesn't know anything about the project you're going to make ( Except for java and vala ).
So you still have to provide information like:

  • Compiler
  • Command to execute after the build process
  • Libraries to link against

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Below is small documentation for setting up a new project using View Edit:

------[ Project Info ]-----------------------------------------------

Identifier Tag

An identifier tag has in the form of "{keyword}".
Identifier is used to identify project and folder path at runtime.
At runtime, tags will be replaced with the appropriate project info.
At the moment only ( 3 ) identifier tag is available.

Below are the lists:

{bin} - Every project created will have a "bin" folder by default and is invisible
to the project browser.

Will be replaced with:




{base} - The absolute path to your project folder.

Will be replaces with:




{project} - This will be replace with your project name.

Identifier tags are just a convenience method for your project and therefore not
mandatory. You can still specify and absolute command if you wish.

------[ Library Info ]-----------------------------------------------

Iterate Through Library List

If enabled, the option/argument entered int the Option/Library Argument entry
will be used multiple times depending on the number of libraries you
specified in the Libraries Tab.

Note : the "{libname}" must be present in the Option/Library Argument entry.


Option/Argument :

`--pkg-config {libname}`

Libraries Entered :

"gtk-2.0" "glib-2.0" "somelib-2.0"

Output :

`--pkg-config gtk-2.0` `--pkg-config glib-2.0` `--pkg-config somelib-2.0`

If disabled ( by default ), the option/argument in the Option/Library Argument
entry will be used as is but the libraries you specified will be concatenated in to
one string.


`--pkg-config gtk-2.0 glib-2.0 glib-2.0`

The {libname} is not mandatory you can still provide your own --cflags if you want.
{libname} will only be required if you want View Edit to iterate through the library lists for you.

------[ Screen Shots ]-----------------------------------------------